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Quite simply Jail Release is what everyone who has ever been in jail wants. That is to get out of jail. So how does it work? Generally in order to be released from jail a person or someone they know has to put something up in the form of collateral first. This is commonly known as bail. The purpose of bail is to ensure that the person being released from jail will appear at court when necessary until the charges have been resolved. The overwhelming majority of people post bail through a bail bondsman.

There are essentially two types of bail: cash and surety. A cash bond is when a person, either the person in jail or their family or friends, travel to the jail and pay cash in the amount equal to the bond in order to have their loved one released. A surety bond is when a bail bondsman posts an obligation under his license so the person is released from jail and assumes all the risk that the person will attend all court settings.

A cash bond means that the person putting up the cash bond is taking on all the risk that the person in jail will timely show up to all court settings until the charges are resolved. It is important to understand that even missing one court date could mean that the entire cash bond will be forfeited!!! For most people, this is simply too risky. Despite what you may hear, the full amount of the cash bond is never refunded because processing fees are charged by the County. Some people simply cannot afford the price of a cash bond or to have their money tied up for years while the case is pending. At Ranger Bail Bonds, there is a better way to get a person out of jail.

A surety bond is posted by the licensed bail bondsman so that the person in jail will be released. In exchange for posting the bond, the bail bondsman is paid a fee, usually a small percentage of the full bond price. But that is not were it ends. A reputable bail bondsman continues to stay involved until the charges are resolved, guiding the person who was in jail through the legal proceedings, ensuring that they are timely for all court proceedings so that they can remain out of jail and get their case resolved.

That’s jail release in a nutshell. The folks at Ranger Bail Bonds are more than willing to discuss it with you in further detail. Call us now. We look forward to hearing from you.

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