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  • Less Expensive - A reputable bail bondsman will only charge a fraction of the total bail amount.
  • Convenience - An experienced bail bondsman can use his knowledge of the jails and the bonding process to save you time and effort in getting your loved one out of jail.
  • Limit Risk - The courts take the posting of bail to get someone out of jail very seriously! In fact, they may forfeit the bond if the person misses or is late to even one court setting. In many cases, it is a better financial decision to not post a cash bond and allow the professionals to interact with the courts.
  • Guidance - A good bail bondsman will use his intimate knowledge of the court system to make sure that the bonded person is timely present at all required court proceedings and in compliance with any conditions of bond established by the courts.
  • Security - It’s a bit unthinkable, but there are instances where the bonded person becomes a flight risk or simply refuses to appear at court. A knowledgeable bail bondsman has the contacts and resources to get the bonded person back into custody so that the bond is protected.
  • Payment Options - We accept cash, debit, and credit cards for payment.
  • Other - There may be other benefits to using a bail bondsman depending on the particular situation. Call us at Ranger Bail Bonds so that we can assist you more effectively.

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